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Pit Silage

G,C Rethus & Son Started doing Contract Pit Silage in 1986. They started out with one Strautmann silage cart servicing the Portland district. Over the next 15 years the demand for pit silage grew and so did their business, growing from one silage cart to four.

In 2004 with the interest of making a better product for there clients and bigger work loads, they decided to make the move to self propelled forage harvesters.

Being passionate about silage Graeme and Daniel have both spent time in the US, UK and Germany, talking to contractors from these parts of the world to see what the lastest trends are in the business.

Today they run two forage harvesters:

Claas 870 - 438 horsepower


New for this Season!!!!

They have ordered a new Krone Big X 700, the first in Australia.

Daniel and Graeme were looking at trading one of their machines in, so they made the trip to the UK in July 2012 to talk to some contractors who had the Big X 700 for up to 3 years to see how they where fairing. With all the contractors speaking very highly of the machine they decided to purchase one.

This Machine is 680 horsepower with a V8 Man engine, with more horsepower they are expecting higher outputs.

This machine features X power and eco power, which means with a flick of a button in heavier crops you can increase the horsepower of the machine from 520hp to 680hp on the move. It also has a built in moisture meter, that can tell the operator exactly what moisture the crop is being chopped at.





Both machines are fitted with Pioneer Inoculant applicaters, these applicaters are easy to use and save time when it comes to applying inoculant. The great thing about it is that we don't have to mix big lots of inoculant up, with each bottle treating 250 wet tones of silage and only mixing 2.5 litres of water per bottle it makes life a lot easier being able to mix bottles in the paddock rather then trying to find 3 and 4 hundred litres of water at a time.

inoculant inoculant2

The other time saver with this product is the fact that you can change the rate on the go to what ever crop conditions you may come up against.

inoculant3There is a vast range of inoculant that they can supply to suit your needs.

To see Pioneer's full range of Inoculants Visit Pioneer's Website

Silage Cover

They can supply 15m wide 150 micron plastic, and 18m wide 200 micron plastic, they stock them in 300m length rolls. So when we finish the job you can pull the cover over the stack or pit and cut it to whatever length you need.

Maize Silage

Both of their machines are fitted with Krone Easy Collect maize fronts. 6m front on the Claas and a 7.5m on the Krone. These maize fronts are far more superior then any other maize fronts on the market,with minimal block ups when maize has a lot of trash growing in the bottom of the crop. Each machine is also fitted with grain conditioners to be sure that almost every kernel on the cob is cracked