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Tipper Hire


In the silage season our trucks are busy carting bulk silage. In the off season our trucks and drivers are available for any heavy rigid work. We also cart a lot of fertiliser on and off the Port Of Portland to various companies, a long with fertiliser transfers for Impact fertiliser and Wengfu Australia.fert2

With our 35 cubic meter truck, we also cart products like chipwood, post peelings, and rounder wood from Portland Pine Products in Heywood Victoria. These products are normally used in calf pens, dairy lanes, and for garden mulch.


Truck And Quad Dog

Early 2012 we added a truck and quad dog to our fleet, able to cart a 32 ton pay load, this combination is ideal for carting grain to the Port Of Portland, also carting goods such as fertiliser and limestone etc.

Tray Truck Hire

We have a 20ft (6.1 meter) tray truck with the tag float a total of 14.9m of tray space. Ideal for carting machinery, general freight, hay and silage